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Shenzhen Jinju Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional design, manufacture, sales terminal LED constant current power supply, LED control system of science and technology manufacturers. Companies adhering to the "pioneering, innovative and pragmatic" business style, and constantly use the most cutting-edge technology, upgrading the existing products, to make quality and cheap new products for the majority of LED lighting products in the development and production of manufacturers to provide the latest, The most complete, the highest quality technical solutions and products and services. Company to "your needs, is my pursuit" as the guiding ideology of the strategy, so that more and more appropriate products to meet the market, and thus more and more engaged in the majority of LED lighting manufacturers welcome and support products are exported around the world and win The industry's many manufacturers of all ages. The company's monochrome constant current power supply, from high pressure to low pressure, from small wattage to high power, from bare board to aluminum shell waterproof, have formed a full range of products; company's RGB full color constant current power supply, has formed a self- Remote control, radio frequency RF remote control, DMX512, PWM control and other full range of products. Today's Jinju products, has formed the industry in the "first-class products, second-rate prices," the general consensus, which is your choice!


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